Wasserhund Brewing Company

Wasserhund Brewing Company

Virginia Beach

    Established: 2015


    Charity: TBD

    Battle Record:

    2016 Best IPA – 2nd Place – Doggie Paddle IPA
    2016 Brewers’ Choice – 2nd Place – Haagen Dog Ice Cream Stout
    2016 People’s Choice – 3rd Place – Haagen Dog Ice Cream Stout

    Battle Brews (2016 entries listed, 2017 TBD):


    Doggie Paddle West Coast IPA (6.7% ABV; 70 IBU) This is a smooth drinking West Coast IPA. It is hop forward with strong citrus and fruit notes, but not overly bitter. A blend of three hops added continually, with slight malt sweetness. It is sure to please both IPA enthusiasts and newbies!

    Häagan-Dog Ice Cream Stout (8.3% ABV; 40 IBU)
    Is it possible to make a beer taste like ice cream? The answer is YES! Häagen-Dog Ice Cream Stout tastes like vanilla and chocolate ice cream in a glass. Whether it’s your liquid dessert at the end of the meal, or just something to satisfy your sweet tooth, Häagen-Dog Ice Cream Stout is a can’t miss specialty