Oozlefinch Craft Brewery

Oozlefinch Craft Brewery

Fort Monroe

    Established: 2016



    Fort Monroe Foundation

    Battle Record:

    2017 Brewers’ Choice – 1st Place -“Flying Backwards Sour Blueberry Honey Saison”

    2017 Battle Brews:

    Raffish Hazy IPA (6.9% ABV; 36 IBU): Our freshest hazy IPA, Raffish is bursting with spicy citrus and pine notes from ridiculous additions of Mosaic, Lemondrop, and Southern Cross hops. A power trio of Golden Promise, Golden Naked Oats, and Honey malts lay the foundation for this triple dry-hopped juice monster. Bitter enough for traditional IPA fans but fruity enough for hazeheads, this 36 IBU pint is an all-day drinker even though it flirts with 7% ABV. Raffish means unconventional and slightly disreputable in an attractive way. So leave your style guides on the shelf, grab a pint, and enjoy.

    Flying Backwards Sour Blueberry Honey Saison (4.8% ABV; 20 IBU ): We’re excited to bring you this Sour to the brewery, Blueberry Honey Saison. Our ambitious brewing process started with producing a classic saison base and allowing the yeast to run warm and wild. We then kettle soured a second batch with two isolated strains of bacteria and blended the sour wort into our actively fermenting saison. Over 20 pounds of blueberry and almost 5 pounds of honey per barrel round out this sweet and sour offering. Two distinct honeys from our Charm City friends — blueberry blossom and sweet clover — complement the saison character with soft floral aromas and help keep this modest ABV beer dry and refreshing.