Big Ugly Brewing Company

Big Ugly Brewing Company


    Established: 2015


    Charity: TBD

    Battle Record:

    2016 People’s Choice – 1st Place – Hot Pursuit Pineapple Habanero Blonde
    2015 People’s Choice – 1st Place – S’mores Brown Ale

    Battle Brews (2016 entries listed, 2017 TBD):

    Rockers IPA (6.8% ABV; 88 IBU)
    The Rockers are British motorcycle hooligans from the 1960’s. They like to get up in your face just like this IPA. This is a well hopped beer that should satisfy hop-heads on both sides of the pond.

    Hot Pursuit Pineapple Habanero Blonde (5.9% ABV)
    We start with our base blonde ale, a crisp clean beer hopped with a small amount of mosaic hops. Then we age the beer on copious amounts of pineapple slices and almost one hundred home grown habanero peppers. The end result is the perfect amount of sweet and heat!