Bearded Bird Brewing Company

Bearded Bird Brewing Company


    Established: 2017


    Norfolk Animal Care Center

    2017 Battle Brews:

    Randy Rook Red Ale (5.8% ABV; 42 IBUs):  Gather ‘round the campfire for this s’moresy brew. No extract, but almost a pound of hand cut vanilla beans in the brew gives Randy Rook vanilla marshmallowy sweetness close to vanilla custard. A mild coconutty finish is a tasty top-off.

    Sweet 16 Sweet Potato Ale (X% ABV; X IBUs): Brewed by Smitty Tocorzic, another of our homebrew competitors, Sweet 16 has a slightly hazy, lemony orange look to it with aromas of ginger and sweet potato. Cloves, a little ginger, and lightly sweet without being sugary or cloying. Finishes with just enough bitterness to keep things interesting.