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757 Battle of the Beers Presents – The Equinox Box
Saturday, March 20th @ Your House!

100% of Proceeds Benefit Local Charities

The ONLY Craft Beer Festival where 100% of proceeds are donated to Hampton Roads based charities


COVID-19 Social Distance Approved
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May the Foam Be With You

The Equinox Box features 20 locally crafted beers from 757 brewers. 10 beers and brewers will represent the Dark Side, and 10 will represent the Light(er) Side – coming together to form this year’s Equinox Box.


757 Battle of the Beers presents The Equinox Box

@ Your House

The Equinox Box is a celebration of the lighter and darker sides of 757 craft beer.

Beach Ambassadors, Virginia Craft Beer Magazine, and Veer Magazine present a new home-delivered extension of the award winning 757 Battle of the Beers festival held each September in VA Beach, VA. This themed sampler offers attendees 20 local 16oz craft beers from 20 unique brewers divided into a “Dark Side” and a “Light(er) Side”. Fans of all beer styles will be in for a treat….a very balanced treat! Brewers promise unique seasonal options or completely new creations. All $ raised will go to local non-profits selected by the brewers.
There is no competition associated with this event…just a celebration of the beginning of Spring and all of the different styles of beer the 757 has to offer.
Your ticket includes your box of 20 16oz cans of beer delivered to your doorstep (VA ONLY-SIGNATURE OF SOMEONE 21+ REQUIRED) and an event glass.
Other options include an extra glass or an extra glass + and event Tshirt.

2021 Equinox Box Brewers

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